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Happy New Year, dear Sundance!

I have followed the tree house since the Jessica Chambers case.  You are quite an excellent reporter and one I emulate.  I am a retired marketing professor and my first degree was in journalism.  In retirement, I aspire to write articles, and I am curious to know if you accept them.

Thanks to you, I never doubted that Donald J. Trump would become our next president.  I followed your road map, I worked our Blairsville. GA Trump headquarters, and DJ Trump’s presidency became a reality. (87% of my county voted for president and over 81% voted Trump)

I want to thank you for highlighting the photo that was taken of the Georgia Trump volunteers when Trump had a campaign appearance in Atlanta.  I posted it on twitter and you were so kind as to pick it up.You made some rural ladies instant celebrities! 🙂

On another note, in the past I was an active blogger on a site Birther Report.  This site is currently inactive. I am not sure if you aware that many of our members now post here.  One member who posts as was banned.  She constantly laments this fact to all of us.  She is a Florida Republican patriot and she asked me to ask you to please allow her to post.

I look forward to hearing from you, dear Sundance.  May God shine on you, your family and on the Tree house in 2017.


Deb S. Curlette, Ph.D.

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